MACWOF Activities

MACWOF - Activities

MACWOF Activities include

To uplift the standards of less advantaged children in slum/rural communities.

To improve the living conditions of women in slum/rural communities.

To promote small scale farm activities of women and guardians in the communities.

Identify and register the needy children and associate these children to credible health centres according to their location.

Cater for the educational needs, especially school dues and other needs and build cultural values by informal education through music, dance and drama.

Provide counselling services to those psychologically traumatised.

Provide small micro-finance loans to the women.

Support small scale farming in poultry, piggery and cattle and education in organic farming.

Support handicrafts done by the women.

Educate the women in the use of modern energy saving and efficient cookers.

Empower young women through vocational skills.

Improving the home living standards especially sanitation, food and accomodation.